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A Christmas Message from Local 464

If I were to describe 2022 in a phrase, I’d say it represented getting back to business.  After tackling Saputo’s bargaining in late 2021, we turned our attention to the Earth’s Own/Happy Planet negotiations and hammered out a heck of a deal there, with the support of a great bargaining committee and the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAMAW) and the International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE).

Teamsters Canada held their Convention in Montreal in June, with all Canadian Locals participating.

We also were able to arrange a fabulous, in-person Shop Steward Seminar, after COVID restrictions had paused all get togethers.  It was so special to be able to get everyone together for this Seminar and it provides such valuable education for all our Stewards, who really do an amazing job on behalf of their co-workers.

The 2nd “annual” Local 464 Golf Tournament finally went ahead, and we had a decent turnout, great weather and managed to raise some money for the Greater Vancouver Food Bank, a worthy charity in these tough economic times.  A good time was had by all!

As as another year comes to a close, I have to wonder: where did the time go?

And as the Christmas and Holiday Season quickly approach, all of us here at the Local would like to wish our members and their families a warm, wonderful Christmas Season and a stellar New Year.   




Paul Barton


Teamsters Local Union No. 464

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"I have been a member of Teamsters Local 464 for 23 years and have seen many of the executives come and go. Some of the previous executives nearly ran the Local into bankruptcy including losing our pension.  Bobby Kornhass, Bob Ryder and Paul Barton brought us back from the brink. Since they took over in 2000, we at Dairyland (Saputo) have had the best contracts I have seen since I have been there."

- Randy Onyschak

"I was employed for many years at a Teamster company that was shut down due to the economy. Because of my age, I was worried about starting over. Bobby, Bob and Paul not only negotiated a much better severance package than was in the contract, but they also went the extra mile and got me on at one of their other companies with an even better contract.They continued to help me even though it wasn't their job to."

- Armando Borean

For 35 years I have been a Teamster and a Dairyworker, I was a young kid needing a job in tough economic times. I found a place to work and make a living, I learned to work together with others having varying and different backgrounds than my own.

Much has changed for me personally and professionally, I got married to my beautiful wife of almost 25 years and we have raised two amazing children, both of whom are presently studying abroad. Both of my children were recipients of Hoffa Memorial Scholarship Funding.

So much of my success I can credit to having a well paying union job. The Teamsters have been a great union for me, negotiating strong collective agreements that held good wage and benefit packages as well as the cornerstone beliefs of seniority and workers’ rights. The Teamsters gave me a good wage and a voice.

I have always been an active Teamster, and now I sit on Local 464's Executive Board.

There can be a great degree of personal feelings when the word union is mentioned, but so often I look at professional associations and realize the name may be different, but the thought is the same...strength in numbers.

As I get toward the end of my career, I look forward to the thought of receiving the Teamsters Canada Pension Plan, and I am so grateful for the belief others had before me that Teamsters deserved a good and decent retirement...thank you.


- Drew Speirs